Monday, February 17, 2020

A Call to Network: an Entrepreneurial Venture

A Call To Network: An Entrepreneurial Venture

    At the turn of the year I decided to take a hiatus and re-think a lot of what I was doing in my spare time.  I had decided that I would begin networking for future entrepreneurial ventures and begin building teams with people interested in various areas of study.  I knew that this would require a break from my writing and networking here, however, I have begun further reconstruction of this website and began implementing steps into tying it into my evolving project regarding leadership and business.

    I frequently conjure up ideas of business models in my head.  I fancy imagining technologies and inventions that could potentially change the world for the better.  I have made a commitment to at least construct a complete model and framework for a business that is focused on research and intellectual property licensing.

My Current Interest: Networking

    At this stage I am really seeking to expand my network of peers to include students of business, law, chemistry, accounting, economics, marketing, and physics.  I would not be opposed to expanding my network into the realm of professionals.  My only concern with that is much this would initially be in theory.  I am wanting to network with individuals who stand to benefit from the networking itself, as compensation for time spent networking isn’t feasible.  Future environments resulting from networking producing future compensation is hopeful based on my success with networking and finding like-minded people.

The Current Project: Clean Energy

    In maturity the entrepreneurial venture would be to support research and development of various scientific theories that may or may not be in practice.  Revenue would be generated initially from corporate start-up business strategy outside of substantial initial direct investment.  After infancy revenue will be generated by the licensing, selling, or further developing novel technologies through self-licensing followed by marketing.

Areas of Research

    This is the area that initially sparked my thought that I believe to have a lot of opportunity for growth.  Areas of research would include thermal electric generators and their amplification, the Lorentz Force and it’s affect on various elements and ionic solutions, photogeneration via manipulation of excitable electrons, and many others.  Obviously, these subjects are not exclusive, and I intend to continue exploring other subjects and areas of research, but these are the ones that have for a long time fascinated me.

    At this point I believe the knowledge discovered itself will be valuable and the methodology used to obtain results equally valuable. 

Following Insights

    It is widely accepted that the forces that hold the building blocks of our universe together do so with much energy hanging in the balance.  Look at the different of energy released by say 100 kilograms of refined petrol next to 100 kilograms of refined uranium when approached a little differently.  Imagine if we could take that 100-kilogram explosion of uranium in a trickling, controlled way.  I am not suggested that uranium is an element of interest, I am interested in moving away from dangerous elements and into a safer era of clean and green energy.  My reference to this is merely to point to looking for energy in areas where it may be hidden, such as within the strong force exerted between protons and neutrons, or the electromagnetic force that holds electrons in orbit around their nuclei, and ways to experimentally determine if we are able to harvest that energy in a way much more useful than that of chaotic nuclear fission.  In the event something like this was successful, it may result in batteries for many of modern-day devices that would last for not days, but years or decades.  Imagine a car that would not need to run on fuel, because the energy generation within its battery would be enough to power it for 10 years?  I am not interested in the fluff, so to speak, but rather in the journey of learning that could happen as a result of curiosity.
    I am not opposed to publishing findings via scholarly articles or submitting them to journals, so long as it does not undermine the due course of success for the organization.

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