My Mission

    Hello everyone, I am a new blogger based in Indiana.  My mission is to use my passion for leadership and success to motivate others to be successful, promote education, and grow leaders.  I seek to do this through writing, networking, and publishing digestible content through my web space.  I have always found it easy to record my thoughts, however, I have recently discovered my passion for writing.  With this discovery I intend to share a lot of my life with my readers.

    On Joshuasturgell.com you will find content covering; techniques relating to leadership and management, mentoring a general audience, book reviews and suggestions, strategies for management, leadership ideology, entrepreneurship ideology, business modeling, and my personal thoughts and experiences.  You will also find my understanding of principles in the business world, as well as topics that I come across that may not be listed here but still fit in the genre.

    I have direct experience in the work-force as a leader promoted from laborer and am experiencing great success post promotion.  I feel truly blessed to have accomplished what I have so far and I want to share this with as many people as possible.  Because of this you will find a lot of content on this blog relating to my direct experiences with my team, challenges and obstacles that I have overcome, team-building techniques I have used, and problems that I have faced and what I have done to solve them.

    You can find me at various social media locations, listed here .  I look forward to corresponding with you and I hope that you walk away from your experience with my site with some information that will better your life.