While I work for an organization that is incorporated and write on many topics that I experience during my employment as well as on experiences during my employment, none of my writings, reviews, suggestions, or statements reflect my corporation, place of employment, established LLC, or other affiliations in any way.  My writings are solely mine and do not represent the views of another whether professional, recreational, or official in any way.

    My writings do not represent the views of any of the stakeholders for any of the organizations that I am employed by, have been employed by, or will be employed by.  While I consider the organization that I work for to be good and agree wholeheartedly with everything that they represent, this web log does not represent them in any way, nor is it represented by any of their entities individual or combined.

    This web log is not affiliated with any place or person other than myself.  This includes any projects, corporations, limited liability companies, sole proprietorship, or partnerships that I may be a person or partner in.  This web log is not affiliated with any not-for-profit organizations and is not a promotional tool for any projects that could be considered therein.

Intended Use

    This web log is not intended for use for any reasons other than those listed.  This web log is intended as a log recording my experiences and suggestions on the topics relevant and related to business, leadership, personal growth, entrepreneurship, success, self development, motivation, team building, and personal growth.  I am a writer and not a lawyer, I do not intend to give any advice here that should be used in the court of law or any other legal forum.  The views and writings contained herein on JoshuaSturgell.com are my personal views and not the views of any other organization, corporation, partnership, or limited liability company.  None of the views or writings here should be subject to being representative of any other entity or body whether corporate or personal other than myself.

    The writings herein are a collection of my experiences and personal advice that I would like to share.  These writings are intended for personal growth, motivation, and education based on my life experiences and collected knowledge.  While I consider these writings to be positive and flavorful, I am not responsible for any ill-use of the information or subject matter that I write about.  I do not endorse unethical behavior and will not be recording instances of recommending unethical behavior, but I cannot be held liable for any unethical behavior or misuse of the information recorded on this website.

Affiliate Marketing

    My website contains cookies and links to affiliate websites and stores.  I engage in affiliate marketing where I may receive commissions for purchases that you make.

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